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To start a Herbalife Healthy life:

·         You need one container of (PDM) Protein Drink Mix: Chocolate and Vanilla Are Available.

(Also available is a Chocolate in the 24 Line for Those who are lifters trying to gain muscle)

·         You need a Formula 1 Healthy Meal (not the instant):  Choose your Recipe of your Favorite Shake First!

(There are over 40 choices of Flavors depending on what recipe you choose and how you mix it!)

·         A shake is 8oz water, two scoop (Tablespoons) of PDM and Two Scoop of Formula 1, 8oz ice or Fruit depending on your Recipe.

·         You will need one of the Herbal Tea Concentrates: ¼ tps  Per 8oz water Burns about 80 Cal. Per Cup Drank.

(There are Multiple Flavors and they can be drank hot or cold, this counts as part of your Water Intake Required per Day!)

·         You should try and get as close to at least 64oz water a day! (or Herbalife Tea)

·         There are Lots of Different Supplements Available to help with everything from controlling your Appetite to reducing Cellulite.  For Starters though we recommend Total Control and The Multi-Vitamins.

·         The Aloe Concentrate it to help with Absorption of Nutrients in your intestinal track.

(Mix as Directed, the Mango is a mild But Yummy Flavor, not scary at all!)

What you Need to Remember for weight loss: Two Shakes, Two High Protein Snacks and One Real Meal a Day!

(The one meal can be as healthy or not as you choose!  Portion Control is Important and the Healthier the Meal {mostly a lean Healthy Protein and then Veggies sides or whole Grains/Brown Rice} on a regular Basis the Better your results should be, but don’t feel bad if you have Pizza one day every couple weeks or Pasta! Just keep at it and you should Feel and see the difference! The only Shame in Falling off is not getting back on…)

·         Tracking your results is not a daily Activity!

Measure yourself and add total up once a week. From week to week look at the difference in the Total Number! Circumference of: Neck, Chest, Waist, Hips, Upper thy, Upper Calf, Ankle,  Upper Arm,  forearm,  and wrist.

(Just one side and always Measure the same side.)

Weigh yourself First Thing in the Moring after your Bathroom Stop. On the Same day every week


 If you are not looking to lose Weight but just to be Healthier and have More Energy:

You can drink the shakes to!  They Taste Great!  Have one to replace a quick meal on the go.  Kids can drink as well, so if you have a picky kid and you’re not able to get enough Nutrients in them this should work well. 

There is a little something for everyone, the 24Line for lifters and Individuals looking for gains, is available.  There is Skin Care, Hydration/Electrolyte Drink mixes, and Even A drink Mix that Helps Collagen and Elastin for Woman wanting to fight the effects of Aging!


Have Questions or Want Suggestions? 

Just Ask!

Text me (919) 609-2247, I am Happy to help get anyone started in becoming a Healthy Happy Version of the person they want to be!  I myself am Taking this Journey …Join me!

Once you Love Herbalife like I do, if you want to help others to live a Healthy Life I would be happy to help you in becoming a Health Coach so you can spread the Love!