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Massaging Away Aches & Discomfort

Find a new, natural way to increase circulation and manage chronic pain. At D'Knotted Massage & Esthetics in Morrisville, North Carolina,  massage treatments are an excellent way to relax while easing aches and pains. Enjoy everything from hot stone treatments to facials.

Massage Session

The Initial Consultation

Before April begins every session, she provides her customers with a brief consultation. She will discuss any problem areas you have, as well as what your goals are for the massage. If you would like a customized massage, do not hesitate to discuss it.

Session Lengths

Her sessions last between 30 minutes and two hours. She does recommend that her clients spend at least an hour with her to ensure that all their problem areas receive attention. For those of you who need more specific work on one or two areas, the 30-minute session is perfect.

Massage Packages

For those of you who are interested in regular treatments, April offers a couple of packages that are perfect for you. For six relaxing Swedish massages, she has a deal that starts as low as $323.00, which is 17% off the regular price. Our therapeutic massage is a combination of deep tissue massage and Swedish massage. A package of six therapeutic massages is $348. All of our packages can be shared within a family unit, and they have no expiration date.


Massage Individual Prices

Massage Packages of 6

Massage Prices

 Face Massage
Chair Massage Services

Also, offering chair Massage services for corporate, and sporting events. Call to book in advance for these events, last min booking may result in lack of availability (Must book for 2 or more hours). Will do out of town overnight chair events for Sporting Events. Prices for this will vary.