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Things You May Want To Know!

Providing different types of massage including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone and many others in Morrisville, NC and surrounding areas. The goal is to help the client feel comfortable and help them achieve physical wellness; whether the reason for their visit is health and pain related, or just to relax. As a licensed Massage Therapist since Dec. 2007 and an Esthetician since June 2010, I truly LOVE what I do!


Every massage is customized to each client's needs. A short consultation is done at the beginning of each client's service, every time. During which, we will discuss pressure desired, medical concerns/issues, and the desired benefits of the service. If at any time during the massage you would like to change the pressure desired, please be sure to express your needs to the Therapist. The goal is for each client to enjoy the service provided every time.

There are some things that are contraindicated (meaning would keep you from getting a service). 

  • Pregnancy, April does prenatal massage but only on women 15 weeks or more.
  • Skin conditions like Poison Ivy/Oak, these are local. So, the infected area would be avoided.
  • Surgery in the last 8 weeks, must have Surgical doctor's note of clearance to receive treatment before 8 weeks.

Before and After

Before your massage, please be sure to hydrate well with water. You must inform the Therapist before the session if you take any kind of pain medication (Some medications may increase the chance of bruising)

After your massage session, drink at least 2 full bottles of water. Also, you may soak in Epsom salt as this could help prevent the possibility of soreness following the massage.

Due to health standards, clients are encouraged to shower before any service.  Our facility has showers available that you are welcome to use before or after a service.


If the Therapist is not comfortable working on you due to health concerns or inappropriate behavior, they have the right to deny or end a service at any time.

If a client behaves inappropriately, the service will end immediately. They will be expected to pay in full and then be asked to leave and not return.