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Facials & Waxing

Pamper yourself with a day of beauty. April is a talented esthetician who owns and operates D'Knotted Massage & Esthetics in Morrisville, North Carolina. She offers exfoliating facials and proficient waxing services, as well as soothing Swedish massages.


Spend 45 minutes with April, and you will learn how to properly care for your skin as well as receive a rejuvenating facial. All of her facials start with a cleaning to remove any dirt and oil. An exfoliator is applied to remove buildup and to unclog pores. Next, April gives you a relaxing facial massage that stimulates collagen and blood flow.

Cleansing/Basic Facial 45 Mins $55
Moisturizing Facial 1 Hr $65
Anti-Aging Facial 1 Hr $70
Cold Stone Facial 1 Hr $75
Specialty Facial 1 Hr 15 min  $75 & up

Rejuvenating Facial

After the massage, a toning mask is applied to refine pores. The last step is to moisturize your skin to keep the oils down. Her sessions are a great way to get younger-looking skin. April offers packages for basic cleansing facials that start at $125.00.

Professional Hair Removal

Stay smoother for longer with professional waxing services. Men and women are able to stay mostly hair-free for up to two to three weeks. Shaving between waxing sessions is not recommended, because it will interrupt the process of getting all the hair on the same growth cycle.

• Arms—$25 Eyebrows—$8 Lips—$5
Back—$35 & Up • Full Brazilian—$45 & Up • Underarm—$10
Chest—$30 & Up • Half Leg—$35 & Up • Full Leg —$45 & Up
• Bikini—$25 & Up

*"& Up"
means the price will change according to the amount of hair an individual has in the area being waxed.